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Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter is located at 194 Animal Shelter Lane, Hazard Ky 41701.  This shelter handles the stray and surrendered animald for the counties of Perry, Breathitt, Letcher and Knott County's in Eastern Kentucky.

This shelter see an average intake of over 300 animals a month. We work hard to find Homes and Rescue for all Adoptable Animals coming into the Shelter.  Without the help of the community close by, and outside of Kentucky many lives would be lost.  


We ask you to please check out adoptable dogs on our Facebook page.  Many of our available animals have videos available so that you can see why how wonderful they are and understand they belong in a family home - not a shelter.

Working to save the Lives of the Innocent...



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Dog of the week - Kelis Girl

Kelis is a graduate of the prison training program and now ready to be adopted!

Apply today - click here

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